Revolutionary AR Technology for the Eyewear Industry

VisionWEAR is one of the leaders in augmented reality technology for the eyewear industry. The startup offers one of the most advanced facial recognition and optical measurement technologies on the market.

Successful Long-Term Development
Partnership Building a Leading AR/VR Startup
of the Eyewear Industry


Treeview’s Role

Treeview has been VisionWEAR’s primary development partner since its initial MVP in 2019. Since the launch of the MVP, Treeview has continued developing the platform and helping VisionWEAR grow its technological offering and B2B client base.

VisionWEAR is now one of the leading augmented reality technology providers of the eyewear industry.

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Years Collaborating

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B2B Clients Served

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Development Services

Treeview provides a full suite of development services including AR/VR development, product design, and project management. Treeview is also leading VisionWEAR’s R&D initiatives to provide grown breaking technologies applying AR/VR technologies to the eyewear industry.

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